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The perfect Cocktail - Trou Normand, San Francisco

I'm giving this one "5 out of 5 stilettos". This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in a glass (cocktail: Ti Punch). It's pure art. I mean just look at this drink! Look at the green. Look at the ice. Each surface of the ice cube is unique; it's like staring into the moon - a very tasty, square moon! I found it mesmerizing; every now and then (which was about 3-4 times, because this drink went down FAST), I'd pause, look at the peacefully melting ice, and point out a new divot to my husband - talk about living in the moment. Even the tumbler is chosen with precision. You're probably thinking "you're appreciating the tumbler?! That's expected at a cool place", and that's my point - this is a cool place!!

The drink was a tiny bit tart, definitely Rum agrichole-ey, and VERY well balanced. Rum agricole has a unique flavor, unlike traditional Rum, and hard to describe (you just have to try it). I can't describe exactly how it tastes, but if I could drink with my eyes, it would be gone right now! Trou Normand knocked it out of the park on the sexiness of their drinks.

Best of all, this place is in my husband's office building! Cha-ching!

Excited to try out their other cocktails!!

Here's another (below). Not as pretty as the first (this is up for debate, of course), but still exceptional. The Brown Derby went down quick too!

I also ordered a Gin and Tonic, and it was perfection.

Here's their iconic black and white, dramatic mural (below).

Fringe Wool Cardigan: Nordstrom (old), similar here.

Pants: Uniqlo.

Crewneck Cashmere Sweater: J.Crew, in neon persimmon. Currently on sale for $159.99 (usually 188.00)

Their food and drinks menu changes everyday (yay; exciting!!). Here's their most current drinks menu, and here's (below) a picture of what I ordered from (in case you'd like to order something similar):

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