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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This silk dress is scrumptious and dreamy. It comes in two colors - green and mango. Although, they're both gorgeous (and different) designs, I bought the mango.

The title of this blog was inspired by my earrings. I bought them at a store called Rusty Fish in Roatan, Honduras (check out their FB page). "We create handcrafts and artwork from recycled metal, wood, plastic and glass. Rusty Fish gets most of it's materials from the municipal dump". My earrings are recycled from an old tin roof!! A tin roof!! They're unique, one of a kind, and Best part - they're upcycled from waste. I love the concept of "beauty from basura" (basura = trash in Spanish).

You can find many places online. I stumbled upon this mom and daughter-in-law duo called reVetro, on Etsy. I think their pieces are lovely, and they really spoke to me. I also very much adore fatcatjewelrystudio on Etsy.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. This is important, people! I'm not going to write about different ways to do this - there are several guides on the three R's online, and here and here are handy ones. This is more of a reminder. REDUCE. The best way to manage waste is to not produce it. For example, don't use paper towels. Use dish towels instead - they're machine washable and last a long time. REUSE. When you do have something that's doesn't serve its purpose anymore, try and reuse it. For example - when a bath towel has served you many years, and is too tired to live on, repurpose it (you may need to cut it down to a manageable size) as a rag for wiping down counters. Trust me, you won't mind wiping off marinara sauce with this said raggedy old thing -- as opposed to your gorgeous, 100% linen, white dish towel that you bought at the Farmers Market lat weekend. RECYCLE. Aside from the traditional 'recycle at home', try and encourage art and products by people who focus on upcycling trash.

Dress: Anthropologie Rainforest Silk Dress in Mango.

Bag: J.CREW Marlo Crossbody Bag in Minty Green.

Pumps: BCBGeneration Tanlee Cutout Vamp Pump in Taupe. I'm a little jealous of all you peeps buying them, because they're now on sale for $68.60.

Earrings: Rusty Fish. They don't sell these (or any) earrings for sale online, because each store carries unique items made by local artisans; but I've listed a couple of sources, which I think sell very cute upcycled jewelry.

Photo Credit: my very beautiful, very strong, and VERY kind friend, Nidhi Sharma.

She came over the other day, to drop something off (bless her sweet heart), and I hand her a camera "Would you mind taking 5 pictures? No more than a few minutes of your time...". Three minutes later, I'm writing about about my earrings, and sharing my dress review. Huraray for girlfriends!!

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