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I'm always cold. Always! Last August, while at Burning Man, I discovered Onesies for grown ups. I always knew they existed, but I'd never seen so many adults in them, in one place. Plus, I didn't know there were so many that were not the 'footed' variety (I can never find my size because of the length - they run too short on me). Anyway, I gave it a go and bought one - 5 times. :-)

After getting over peoples' opinions, which ranged from "you're insane" to "how fun", I'm not afraid of people seeing me in them (last weekend, I hosted a brunch, and didn't have time to change, so there you go.. Apparently, I now also entertain in them). On the bright side, they're always a hit with my kids! They love the 'fuzzy kitty', or 'snuggly panda'.

There are a bunch out there, so give it a try! I've named all my onesies:

Meow; Cat Onesie. Forever 21

Bun-z; Bunny Onesie. Forever 21

Batter; Bat-woman Onesie at Target

Penguin Onesie at Target.

There are also a bunch on Amazon.

Story time: At school drop off, a friend walked by close to my car, and noticed my onesie, and commented "how cute". Later that afternoon, I had the following text exchange with her:

Her: I have to ask - what's with the costume? :-)

Me: Haha. It's not a costume, this my normal. And by the way, it's name is Kanga. Because, Kanga + Roo = Kangaroo

Her: LOL!! That's so awesome.

Onesies are gaining acceptance in suburbia, one wife at a time... LOL.

Stay warm, my friends. ...warm and cuddly!

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