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I don't get drunk, I get Awesome.

"Yoga class?? I thought you said pour a glass". **skedaddles like a bat out of hell**

Everyone should have a local watering hole!! ..Whether you're a coffee lover, obsessed with your bubble tea (like me; OBSESSED), or you have alcohol in mind. It's a place where you connect with people, gather with friends and your community; where you know the owners, and/or servers on a first name basis. Where the bar tender shouts "oh, here comes trouble", when he sees you (maybe that's just me, or the people I hang our with.. LOL). You can pick a park, for example, but there's a fundamental flaw to this - they're filled with children, usually screaming ones. So, find a local bar/ restaurant you would love to frequent.. EVERYone should have that in their town, and everyone should pick their 'go-to'. I have 2 (of course I do, you look surprised - why??). Two, not because I enjoy the occasional cocktail (ahem.. okay, three), but because I love people, and they have strong preferences. My local favorites are: Bierhaus and Molly Magees.

A bit more about these two places:

Bierhaus: amazing beer, good ciders, outdoor seating, great food, pretzels to DIE for, lovely people, great service. Shoutout: Mike, you rock!!!). Here's their menu. My favorite is their Currywurst & Fries and Knotty Pretzel.

Mollies (as it's generally called): is a full bar, great selection of beers, aside from the usual cocktails, HILARIOUS bartenders and bouncers. They have pulled so may pranks on me, it's crazy. Just the other day, on my way to dinner, I stopped by to say hi (this is how much I love the both these places), and asked one of the tenders, "where's Aidan?". He replied, "he's off today, getting married, and all that nonsense". WHAT??!!! I stopped by for a drink with my husband the next day, and congratulated him, and punched him on the arm for keeping it a secret. He was bewildered, and had no idea what I was talking about... Hahahaha. Punked. Once again..

Dress: J.CREW chambray dress

Necklace: Anthropologie. No longer available on their website, but I think their Bound Branch Necklace will go very well with this dress. Here's another good option: Simon Sebbag Stone Beaded Necklace from Nordstrom.

Clutch: J.CREW Striped Leather Envelope Clutch. Beautiful, with a LOT or room.

Sunglasses: Anthropologie Ottil Sunglasses

Shoes: Penny Loves Kenny Myopic Pump. I believe they're sold out (everywhere!), but here's a good alternative Opus Floral Pointy Toe Pump; these are the cheapest I've found anywhere online/ in stores. Or THESE (I have my eye on this shoe, sooooooo bad!!!): Jimmy Choo Anouk Feather-Print 120mm Pump, Multi.

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