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Striped Nail Art

You must try this at home!! :-) I stumbled upon a tutorial on how to paint striped nails. I would say it's a level: medium. Not terribly easy, but even I, not the beauty expert, managed to get the hang of it.

Of course, you can try different colors, and go CRAZY!!! Give it a go!



Paint 2 coats of base color (in my case white)

Take about 2" of tape, and pinch the ends, so you have 'handles' to pull it apart. Press tape on your skin for a few seconds to remove excess adhesive so it's easy to pull apart.

Now fold the tape in half, and draw (using marker), several lines on the bottom (folded side) of the tape, as shown here.

Using scissors, cut out the black lines completely, first vertically, then horizontally. I colored my tape pink, so you all can see it better.

Carefully, unfold the tape. This is what it should look like. I did an extra one so I didn't have to wait.

Stick the tape onto the nail, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Apply a thick coat of black polish.

Carefully peel off the tape. And Voila!

Here are a few Tips from ~4 hours of battling with this (I am yet to master the art of giving up while still ahead!). But in the end, I'm glad I stuck it out. :-)
  • Use thicker, fewer stripes, if you're a beginner like me.

  • Accent nail. Paint one nail per hand (and avoid frustration - yes, I speak from experience!)

  • Fold the ends of the tape to make is easier to pull apart.

  • No to top coat. I completely smudged mine after all the hard work. Time for a do-over!

I tried three different techniques with the stripe. Here are my results (top to bottom):
  1. Permanent marker. Worked well, but marker started to die out after a couple of nails. Also, it needed a second coat. Can mark fingers, but easily removable with nail-polish remover or rubbing alcohol.

  2. Regular nail paint. Worked BEST, as you can lay on a thick coat, to avoid having to do a second one. Tape dry-time sucks.

  3. I heart Nail Art Pen, by Sally Hansen. Complete disaster; it leaked, it got everywhere, no matter how well my tape was adhered. It's really nifty tool, but totally bombed for this job.

Tutorial here. Video source: xoJahtna via YouTube -- she's seriously artistic!!!

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