About me

Me: I’m a trilingual, aspiring writer, who loves all things fashion, food, and community. I’m almost obsessive about shoes. Wait, whom am I kidding?!! I’m DEFINITELY obsessed with shoes. They will one day overrun my life; but until then, I will continue this unhealthy, happy mania.


I find 'perfectionsism’ annoying . Give me weird, atypical, quirky, whimsical, eclectic, extraordinary over ‘Pinterest perfect’; any day, any hour. I'm allergic to 'normal'


Like most women, I have innumerable roles/ avatars; I’m both kind and fierce, a creator and destroyer, etc. You get the idea... And like all women, I’m a Goddess. I believe, therefore I am (no one, and I mean no one, can take that away from me). 


Community: I have a deep love for community and the power it holds to change the world. 


Girl Power: I am eternally grateful for girlfriends – day in and day out, they keep me grounded, give me sense of normalcy, when the world around me seems like it’s collapsing. And they share my love for wine (hey, it’s important!). “Girls unite, take back the night“.


Family: I worship my husband, and (ocationally try to) hide from my two often sweet, sometimes monstrous, children. Although, they are all my life, they are also the reason I may need therapy.


Other Interests: Running, Dancing. (If it’s been too long, you will find me dancing in my family room, in my PJs!!).